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#DOT. An initiative for global

DOT, which stands for Do One Thing, is a simple acronym that is so much more than a trend, a fad or a catchphrase. These three little letters boldly aim to unite the world in the hope that, together, we can still save our planet. By globally connecting like-minded individuals through a single website and app, the DOT movement encourages anyone who is willing to just Do One Thing to protect and preserve our planet Earth from further destruction and harm.


So, how can one person, Doing One Thing, possibly have an impact on saving the planet. The DOT challenge is based on the premise that, over time, little things can make a big difference; and as individuals, we each have the power to make small changes on a daily basis that, collectively, can make our planet healthy, green and sustainable again. The DOT movement encourages and challenges you to make planet-saving changes (known as DOTs), which can be implemented immediately, most likely won't cost you anything and, in fact, will probably save you money, all while helping to protect and preserve the environment. DOTs are as simple as making lifestyle changes or breaking bad habits – such as turning off the tap when brushing your teeth. Think about it. If you saved, for instance, 1 litre of water every day by turning off the tap when brushing your teeth, and you got your family and friends to do the same, and they, in turn, got all of their family and friends to do the same, in a short time, together (collectively) you would have saved thousands of litres of water. And all by making a small, simple lifestyle change, which didn't cost you a thing, saved you money and of course, more importantly, precious water.

If we all just do one thing, that’s 7,2 Billion DOT's.

How do we affect the change our planet Earth so desperately needs

The DOTs encompass four vital categories, namely Water, Waste, Conservation and Energy. You can action one DOT or many DOTs – it's entirely up to you how much of an impact you want to make on the world. The lifestyle changes, or DOTs, that you decide to act on, can be shared across social platforms with friends and family. And, you can even challenge your friends and family to complete the same DOTs as you have. Once you have completed one DOT per category, you unlock the ability to submit your own DOT, since you might already be doing something that positively impacts the longevity of our planet. This gives everyone else in the world an opportunity to action your DOT. Points are allocated to you each time somebody acts on one of your DOTs, enabling you to climb the Global Earth Champion Leader Board. See how you compare to your friends, family and neighbours, and even how your suburb, town, city or country compares globally. It's all about encouraging positive lifestyle changes and having the information at your fingertips on how to go about it. Welcome to the planet-saving global movement and app: DOT - what is the One Thing you are going to Do first?


Using water-saving techniques saves money and diverts less water from our rivers. It can also reduce water and wastewater treatment costs and the amount of energy used to manage it. This in turn lowers energy demand and helps minimize air pollution. We all need to be more concerned with water efficiency – not just in the dry areas. As our population grows, demands on water resources increase. There are many ways to use household water more efficiently. Homes with high-efficiency plumbing fixtures and appliances save about 30 percent of indoor water use and yield substantial savings on water, sewer, and energy bills.


Everyone’s talking about how much food we eat, but less about the food we don’t. The amount of global food waste produced could feed Billions. Unfortunately, that wasted food often ends up in landfills, turning into methane gas. Wasting food also wastes the production resources which went into its manufacture. We must act with urgency. Be more careful about consumption and reduce our daily food waste. And also reduce food packaging. Food packaging makes up almost two thirds of packaging waste: meaning more waste and more methane. Individuals can do something about this problem: it begins with awareness.


Don’t freak, but the FDA doesn’t actually regulate the ingredients in most personal care products (makeup, perfume, lotion, etc.). And many of these products contain chemicals that are potentially dangerous to humans and their environment. Some products also contain palm oil, an important environmental resource that we’re using up too quickly. Before beautifying, take a look at the safety information for some common personal care items. Then choose items with ingredients that are friendlier on your body and the environment (and support the companies who make them).


Most of our energy use comes from fossil fuels like petroleum and coal that provide electricity and gas to power our growing energy needs. These resources are non-renewable which means that we will eventually run out. Conserving energy not only helps to conserve resources but also translates into financial savings. When we drive our cars, wash our hands and turn lights on, we usually don’t stop to assess the amount of resources we are using. We also don’t stop to think that we are depleting resources that are not boundless.

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Launching #DOT

Cape 2 Rio

A World First Unassisted Southern Atlantic Row

The Challenge

Braam and Wayne are launching DOT at the the start of their most daunting challenge yet, rowing the Cape to Rio yacht race! Known as one of the toughest races in the world, theirs will be a totally unassisted row covering a distance of 6700km. If successful, not only will this be a world first, the visibility and global interest it will receive will highlight the vital importance of protecting the earth and its biodiversity.


Most significantly, it will be an invitation for all 7.2 billion humans to participate in saving our planet. Saving the planet may seem like a daunting task, but if we all start with one small, environmentally friendly act, we can collectively make a huge difference!


As Braam and Wayne put it, “we have committed the single greatest crime against humanity by virtually exhausting the resources of a finite earth. We have seriously compromised our children’s future. The DOT Earth Challenge is our first step in helping to put this right.”




Rowing strokes


Days at sea

The Team

Braam Malherbe

Environmentalist, adventurer, TV presenter, author, honorary ranger, motivational speaker, conservationist, man on a mission. Too numerous to mention here, Braam’s many achievements in the name of conservation include running the great wall of China (a distance of 4218 km in just 98 days) training rangers for counter poaching operations, racing to the South Pole while pulling his own sled, and running the entire coastline from Namibia to Mozambique - a distance of 3278 km. But Braam’ most important contribution to conservation is using his accumulated experiences to inspire ordinary people to make a difference, not only in their own lives, but to the future wellbeing of this planet. As a youth developer, he facilitates outdoor leadership camps where he teaches children about their place in nature as well as how to survive in it. As one if the world’s most sought-after motivational speakers, Braam never fails to leave his audience inspired and empowered to embrace change for good. And now he is about to embark on his greatest adventure of all, and he wants the entire planet to join him.

Wayne Robertson

Skipper, boat builder, marine surveyor, cyclist, surfer, musician, passionate eco-warrior. Wayne has had a close relationship with, and a deep passion for, the sea since childhood. In addition to building and skippering ocean-going vessels, he’s been surfing for 39 years and big-wave surfing for 10 years. Sea legs aren’t the issue. The issue is the current state of our planet, and it’s one he’s tackling head on by joining Braam on the row to Rio. No stranger to endurance sports, Wayne has completed numerous multi-stage mountain-biking events. He was the first person to attempt and finish the Argus cycle tour on a unicycle – twice. He was also the first person to ride the tour on a BMX, and did so 12 times raising funds for charities close to his heart. Wayne has first-hand experience of adverse weather conditions both at sea and on land, and spent time in Antarctica constructing modular pods ideally suited to extreme environments. As husband to Cindy and father to six-year-old Willow, Wayne’s motivation in raising awareness of the DOT Challenge is personal: to leave the planet in better shape for his daughter. www.waynerobertsonyachts.co.za

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